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The early Dpoint years saw a mixed bag of songs, a few of which were released on the demo tape Estimate Me in 1987. Following this release, Dpoint worked with a number of new releases containing new material as well as new versions of original songs from Estimate Me. Below you will find samples of songs from this era, as well as the cassette Estimate Me as a full download.

Estimate Me (1987)
The songs were recorded partly on four track cassettes or on a reel-to-reel tape recorder. Most of the songs were recorded in a country house over a long weekend, and the sound quality is not the best. However, rest assured, this is the original Dpoint stuff! Also participating on these songs are Anders Witrén who left the band shortly after the release of Estimate Me. The text to the song Silent Nights which is included in the download was written by Pär Mauritzon who later went on to form the band Cirkus Miramar.Download all songs included on Estimate Me (27 MB Zip)
Sounds from a Dying Landscape (1988)Sounds from a Dying Landscape was never released, but the plan was to include a few new versions of songs from Estimate Me as well as new material. This was all recorded on four track recorder and since the songs are converted from the master tape, the sound quality is a lot better for these recordings. Hans Matuschek plays guitar on Your Eyes are Fire, and as was mentioned before, Pär Mauritzon wrote the text for Silent Nights.