Revision History

Dpoint was formed in the late 80’s and evolved from experimental electronic music to synth pop to screaming guitar experiments in the early 90’s , only to return to the pure electronic music in the mid 90’s. The band had a “silent” period between the late 90’s and the mid 00’s only to return to music making and performing in 2009. A milestone was reached in 2013 when several of the bands friends from the musical scene contributed to the cover and remix album “Dpoint – ReMixed and ReCovered.

Dpoint prefer live performances, and has also made use of the internet to stream live virtual concerts on a regular basis. The band invite everyone to enquire about live performances or other forms of collaboration at or through the contact form at the bands home page.


Full length

2013 Lies of Silence, limited metal box CD with extra remix versions included (No longer available)

2013 Lies of Silence – SpotifyiTunes Junodownload – BeatportDeezerNokia Music.

2013 ReMixed and ReCovered – Spotify iTunesJunodownloadBeatportDeezerNokia Music.

2013 In memory of the voices no longer in our heads (2.0.13 release) – SpotifyiTunesDeezerRhapsodyNokia Music.

2012 Dpoint – SpotifyiTunesJunodownloadBeatportDeezerRhapsodyNokia Music –  Kodapa E-Shop (CD)Kodapa E-Shop (Download).

2011 In memory of the voices no longer in our heads – SpotifyiTunes.

1987 Estimate Me – Demo Cassette (Free download. Lousy sound quality from the 80’s).


2016 Tribute – Spotify

2012 They are us – No longer available.

2011 Here we go! – SpotifyiTunesBeatportJunodownloadDeezerRhapsodyNokia Music.

2010 Disco Bitch – Spotify iTunes.


2016 Body Virus – The American Dream (Original Mix) – Free download

2016 Body to Body – She touched the strings (Version 2.0.15) – Limited Vinyl Records (Available for purchase from

2016 Let there be synth, Vol 5.2 – Shoot to Kill – Spotify

2015 A Tribute to Front 242: Im Rhytmus bleiben, Vol. 3 – U-Men – Spotify

2014 EMC-15, volume 2, Shoot to Kill (No longer available, extremely limited CD version available from

2014 Let there be synth, Vol. 4 – Hate – SpotifyiTunesDeezerNokia Music

2014 Radio Body Music – Work Hard – Jesus Time (Beat on repeat – Extended) – Free download.

2014 Dark Synth Sounds, volume 1 – She touched the strings (Dead of Night Remix) – SpotifyiTunesDeezerNokia Music

2013 Swedish Electro Volume 2 – She touched the strings (Dead of Night Remix) – Free download.

2013 Let there be synth, Vol. 3 – This is my time – SpotifyiTunesDeezerRhapsodyNokia Music.

2013 EBM Addiction [vol 3] – KBVV – Free Download.

2013 Dance 4 Syria – Vol.3 – Unclassified – Jesus Time (Extended Crucifixion) – BandcampDeezer.

2013 Dance 4 Syria – Vol.2 – Industrial – She touched the strings (Drowned in light remix) – BandcampDeezer.

2013 Swedish Electro, volume 1 – Be silent (Currency of joy remix) – Free download.

2012 Let there be synth, Vol.2 – Be silent, Broken – SpotifyiTunesDeezerRhapsodyNokia Music.

2012 Kräftwerk – Volume 1 – Angels – SpotifyRhapsodyNokia Music.

2012 Let there be synth, Vol.1 – The higher I Fly, Edge of time. – SpotifyDeezerRhapsodyNokia Music.

2011 The Sound of The Underground 2011 (Dance Size) – Disco Bitch (Studio 9 mix) – BeatportJunodownloadSpotifyRhapsodyNokia Music.