Another year comes to an end!

As we look back at 2013, we see some fantastic moments, we played four gigs in less than a month in late February and March, we remastered and re-released our “comeback” album from 2011, “In memory of the voices no longer in our heads” and very cleverly, at least we think so ourselves, added 2.0.13 release to the name. This release was followed near the summer by the album “Lies of Silence” as well as a project that made us very proud indeed! The project was the album “Dpoint – ReMixed and ReCovered” on which a whole bunch of our musician friends went to work on our back catalogue. We think this is one of our greatest achievements, since everyone’s time is so limited these days, so for all of these great friends to take time out of their busy lives to work on our tracks! It’s really something we enjoyed!

We also took part in several compilation albums over the year, Swedish Electro, volumes 1 and 2, Dance 4 Syria, volumes 2 and 3, Let there be synth, volume 3 and EBM Addiction, volume 3. All releases are of course available from this site. Most of them are found on the major digital outlets, and some are free to download!

Furthermore, we managed to get three videos out on our YouTube channel, and looking back, this has, by far been our most productive year ever! We want to thank all our friends and followers all over the world, by wishing you all a Happy New Year. We sure know we’ll be around also in 2014, and you can rest assured we will continue putting our music out there for you to enjoy, and to celebrate the new year, we give you all yet another video, the fourth this year!

If you want us to pay you a visit and play some songs live, don’t hesitate to contact us as soon as possible.

Take care, be safe and stay tuned for lots of love and happiness in 2014!

Wishing you all a great 2011!

Happy New Year! With love from Dpoint!

So, in the last shivering minutes of 2010 (it is actually 2011 in some parts of the world already!), Dpoint would like to summarize the year that is soon nothing but history, but also we’d like to take a look at what’s ahead of us for 2011.

First of all, we’ll remember 2010 as the year “we put the band back together”! Although we never quit the band, the Re Union Day Concert in April was our first concert in close to 20 years! An amazing crowd of old and new friends turned up, and it was indeed a Re Union in the truest sense of the word! Robert was stuck in Paris due to the Icelandic volcanoe ash and had to participate via Skype, but hey, this is 2010, and technology is great!

Secondly, we released our first official recordings in 24 years (!) as we released the single Disco Bitch on iTunes and Spotify, and during the summer months, we also created a whole range of new material that during the autumn and winter turned into a full length album.

Also, as a result of the great Re Union in April we hooked up with several old friends from the local synth/electronica/pop scene, which inspired us to go even further in creating new material and exploring new ways to bring our ideas out to the our friends and the occasional fan!

All in all, 2010 may go down in history as the most interesting and exciting year in the long history of Dpoint, so with that in mind, we have a challenge to make 2011 even better! But we need your help to do that, and as a starter, we have three things already planned for 2011.

First, we have the release of our new album, “In memory of the voices no longer in our heads”. The album will be available on iTunes and Spotify on January 15, and we are very keen to get your feedback! Secondly, to celebrate the release of the album, we are inviting all our friends and fans to the Virtual Release Event that marks the release of the album. It will be a streamed event, entirely via the internet, and we hope that you will hook up, invite your friends and have a good time with us! There will also be a photo contest together with the release event, so make sure you have your cameras available when it starts! Thirdly, the Re Union Day Concert #2 will take place in April, and that is an IRL event, so make sure you pencil that into your calendars! We hope that we’ll be joined by at least one or two more bands, to make it as great as last time!

Well, that’s about it. Take care on New Years Eve and make 2011 a great year!

Happy Holidays!

From Dpoint to all our friends: Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We hope you are as excited about 2011 as we are! There is both the release of our new album, as well as the Re Union Day #2 gig to look forward to, and we hope to see you either virtually or in some kind of real life context!

Until then, take care, turn up the volume and wear your best dancing shoes just in case!

Peter 'Pop' Andersson mastering tracks for the new album.